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  • stage 1

    Pull out your NFC-enabled smartphone

  • stage 2

    Hold it over a TapMyBiz NFC business card

  • stage 3

    You've got the contact info on your phone

What is NFC Technology?

  • NFC stands for Near Field Communication
  • Available on the latest smartphones. Does my phone have NFC? >>
  • Wireless transfer of data between NFC chips and phones


  • Be ahead of your competitors.
  • Stick out from the crowd, your card will not just be one of many
  • Be innovative: Sophisticated technology at your fingertips
  • Be superior: Other still use QR codes
  • Be everywhere: Link contact information (V-Card) or any URL to your NFC business card
  • Be social: Link your social media profiles to your NFC business card
  • Be visible: Link your videos or picture galleries to your NFC business card
  • Be in time: Link Google Maps directions to your NFC business card Read More >>



It's pretty cool. As soon as I show it to someone they want to try it out! It also does not hurt my consulting business to show that I'm using the latest technology.

CEO at Beckles Enterprises

TapMyBiz got me my first NFC business cards. Love it. It's state-of-the art technology and the paper is so good, I didn't even feel the chip in it.

investment banker

I love my NFC business cards. And getting them from TapMyBiz was like a bonus in its own right. I called them past midnight and they gave me the advice I needed within half an hour! Now that's customer-orientation!

Aline, Brazil,
CMO of a start-up.

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